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Our Story

Lived Collective is a community and online space for people with lived experiences in madness and neurodivergence. Based in Toronto, Canada, Lived Collective was conceptualized through the Yale LET(s)Lead program hosted by CAMH. 

Our first project, Lived Magazine, is a publication about our lived experiences. By our community, for our community, the magazine is comprised of lived experiences, art, writing, resources, and more from mad and neurodivergent people around the world. The magazine aims to provide people with lived experience a platform to share their perspectives and passions, dispelling stigmas by redefining what mental health means to us. 

For our next project, we are working on offering virtual therapy from providers with lived experience in mental health or addiction challenges. For providers with lived experience who may be interested in listing services with us, please reach out via email to

About the Founder

Camille Alizadeh, RP (Qualifying)

Lived Collective was created by Camille Alizadeh (she/her) as a community project part of the Yale LET(s)Lead 21/22 cohort hosted by CAMH. She believes in the value of lived experience, both professionally and personally, and hopes to build a powerful mad community through this project. 


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